Is Fairfax California Safe?

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Is Fairfax California safe? Well, the crime rate in Fairfax is 82% lower than the state average and is about two-thirds lower than in California as a whole. This is in part due to lower property crime rates, which are mostly committed by non-violent criminals. There are also fewer violent crimes compared to the state average in the area surrounding Fairfax. However, you should still be vigilant, especially in the nighttime, because the chances of violent crime are significantly higher.

The crime rate in Fairfax is 82% lower than the state average

In terms of safety, Fairfax is one of the safest cities in California and the country, according to crime gauges. Based on these idea measurements, Fairfax is 82% safer than the state average, and 62% safer than the national average. In comparison to other cities of the same size, Fairfax ranks above average. Listed below are some crime statistics about Fairfax, as well as other statistics about the city.

Property crime in Virginia has decreased by 30% over the last few years, with murder accounting for 3% of all violent crimes. Property crime includes larceny, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In Virginia, the rate of larceny is 15.7 per 1,000 residents. In contrast, violent crime, including assault and sexual assault, has dropped by almost half in the past five years.

While the state average is 2.13 incidents per 1,000 residents, Virginia’s top three cities are far safer. The overall violent crime rate in Fairfax is 82% lower than the state average. Virginia Beach, which ranks number eight, is a city with the second-lowest rate of violent crime. Fairfax is the second-best place for property crime. And Herndon and Manassas Park are also safe cities to live in. These cities are both small compared to their bigger counterparts, but each has a lower violent crime rate than the state average.

Wildfires are a moderate risk in Fairfax

According to the U.S. Forest Service, wildfires are a moderate risk in Fairfax, California, with an average hazard of 22%. Extreme drought conditions, increasing temperatures, and a lack of rain are all contributing factors to the increasing risk of wildfires. As a result, the state is at high risk for fires, with nearly 80 million properties at risk. The nonprofit First Street Foundation developed the Risk Factor to assess the environmental threats and risks associated with climate change.

To assess the fire risk for a given area, Redfin researchers used data from the Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity database and the GeoMAC Wildland Fire Support Database. These databases include information about burn severity and fire perimeters. Detailed fire information can be found in Appendix S1 and Table S1.

There are several ways homeowners can protect their homes against wildfires. Homeowners can replace wood shake shingles with fire-resistant shingles and thin vegetation around their homes. Other community efforts are aimed at reducing the risk of a large fire and reducing the cost of rebuilding. Wildfires can also damage property, cut off utilities, and threaten the overall well-being of an area.

Residents are mostly middle aged adults

The median age of Fairfax, California residents is 47.6, which is lower than the state average of 61.4. The city is home to approximately one in five Hispanic residents, or 9.3%. Fairfax is the second-youngest city in the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to the middle-aged population, Fairfax is home to large numbers of retirees and a minority population.

Fairfax, California has a high percentage of single females. The percentage of single women is higher in San Geronimo, where 36% of the population is single. In addition to single women, Fairfax also has a large population of divorced and widowed adults. In addition to single women, Fairfax residents are mostly middle-aged and have children. The median income for Fairfax residents is $70,500.

While Fairfax, California is home to mostly middle-aged adults, it is also home to several ethnic groups. Fairfax has a low percentage of residents born in the US. The population of Fairfax is made up of mainly middle-aged adults, with a disproportionate number of people born in Asia and Latin America. The city is home to numerous minority groups, and the median income of residents is higher than the average for the greater Los Angeles area.