Used 4 Post Car Lifts

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If you need to raise a vehicle high enough to work on the car’s frame, you’ll want to consider many solutions on the market like buying a used 4-post car lift. Although these lifts aren’t as common as their two-post counterparts, they’re perfect for jobs requiring extra safety and security. Also known as “wheel contact” or “drive-on” lifts, these units raise a vehicle without changing its center of gravity. This makes it virtually impossible to tip over or fall.

X1 Easy Park

The X1 Easy Park 4 post car lift is a high-quality product that makes loading and unloading a breeze. The X1 features a high-strength cable system to support the weight of the car and the lift is equipped with an air-operated, single-point lock release unit. Safety is another top priority with a lock ladder design and automatic off-switch. The lift’s maximum elevation of 77″ offers plenty of room to park a second vehicle on the lower level.

The X1 Easy Park 4-post car lift is one of the most popular lifts in the marketplace today. Its wide range of uses makes it an ideal choice for anyone who owns a large garage and a heavy SUV or truck. Its versatility allows it to be used for suspension work, auto-tuning, cleaning, and many other tasks. Adding this equipment to your garage can also free up a parking spot that would otherwise be needed by a neighbor.

Atlas(c) 414

The Atlas(r) 414 used car lift is a commercial-grade vehicle lift that can lift vehicles up to 14,000 pounds. Designed to commercial standards, this lift features a heavy-duty cable system and an oversized hydraulic cylinder. It also has many exclusive cosmetic and structural features. This lift is tested to its rated capacities and has been manufactured to these specifications for years. It is also easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for any shop or garage.

This used car lift is powered by a 220-volt single-phase power unit and high strength cables. Unlike many competitors’ old-style chain lifts, which have an exposed hydraulic cylinder that can cause door dings, the Atlas(r) 414 lift is safer for the environment. It also has tracks between the runways, allowing the use of a rolling bridge jack.

XPR-10AXLS Bendpak

If you want a high-reach two-post car lift, the Bendpak XPR-10AXLS is the perfect choice. Its 72-inch reaches are ideal for vehicles with hard-to-reach lift points. Its optional extension kit and Low-Pro(tm) arms make it a versatile lift for any vehicle, from sports cars to trucks. And its symmetrical design is ideal for cars of all sizes.

This portable car lift weighs 960 pounds and is easy to transport. Its 10,000-pound capacity and higher lifting height makes it a great choice for garage tinkerers. This lift hoists a car to a height of 75 inches, allowing even tall mechanics to work on it. However, the bendpak XPR-10AXLS has a higher price than many other brands.

The bendpak XPR-10AXLS car lift comes with a 6-inch lift and a 6″ extender. It is designed for shops with a minimum of 13 feet of overhead clearance. Its durable restraints automatically engage and release when the lift is raised and lowered. Its adjustable leg restraints also make it easy to set the height of the vehicle for optimal comfort.


The Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 post car lift is one of the best-used car lifts available today. This lift has a smooth operation and good looks. The lift has two sturdily built ramps that offer a stable entry to the loading zone. It is easy to install and operate. This lift comes with caster kits for mobility. It also has redundant ladder lock safety systems. Its easy installation and operation make it a good choice for car repair professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The X1 car lift is a four-post model that’s designed for servicing and storage. The lift can easily raise and lower multiple vehicles, ensuring a safe and convenient working environment for mechanics. X1 lifts also feature several features that make them more versatile and efficient. These features make them ideal for car garages, repair shops, and even retail stores. These lifts can also be used for parking several cars.